Introducing HANDLES

The native naming system across the Fuel ecosystem Rollups and beyond. Powered by BakoID.

Avaiable soon

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Bind to you, not the xyzchain

A singular identity bringing your digital legacy from social media profiles across the multiverse of Rollups and chains.

Unparalleled Connectivity

Your Handles opens doors across the entire Fuel ecosystem (soon on other chains). A single, memorable identity for every interaction.







comming soon

Exclusive Verification

Stand out with a Legacy Verification Badge. A symbol of trust and continuity for early adopters from other social media.



Unlock Bako Ecosystem

Easy Bako ID SDK Integration

Our handle is natively part of the growing Bako ecosystem, accessing various security and asset management tools for you.

The native safe of Fuel Network

All-in-one, user-friendly asset management solution for the RollupOS. Ignite the next multisig experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wallets and dApps support Handles?

Your Bako ID Handle is supported natively by all wallets and dApps in the Fuel Ecosystem.

Can I hold my Handle with one address, and point it at the other?

Yes, you can hold your Handle with one address and point it to another. Visit the Bako ID App and update the appropriate address record for your Handle to point to the address you wish.

Once I own a Handle, can I create my own subdomains?

Not yet.

Can I change the address my Handle points to after I've got it?

Yes, you can update the addresses and other resources pointed to by your Handle at any time.

How long can I register a Handle for?

You can register a Handle for as long as you would like. There is no maximum registration duration.

What is the Legacy Verification Badge?

The Legacy Verification Badge is an indication that the Handle user can be found with the same username on other networks. The addresses associated with Handle can be classified in 3 ways:
• Legacy - When the username is verified and the same as Handle
• Verified - When the username is verified and different from the handle
• Not Verified - When the address is not verified. Be careful when clicking on unverified links, they may belong to other users not associated with that Handle.

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